Mark is a very experienced Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist, working as a Practitioner in the Newcastle area since 2005. He also uses Myotherapy (Dry Needling) techniques for specific soft-tissue release.
“I’ve always had, what I’d call, an ‘Art vs. Science’ approach toward Massage Treatment. It’s a balanced mix of creative strokes, with intent & purpose giving an effective result.”

“Remedially, clients can expect thorough Assessment, Treatment & ongoing Advice. Any good Therapist knows their limits, and for the best, lasting results, I generally believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to health. To that end, I often collaborate with a small group of hand-picked complementary Health Practitioners who are leaders in their fields – in order to give my clients their best chance at recovery.”

“I treat a broad variety of the community, and therefore an equally broad range of Musculo-Skeletal Conditions are common in the clinic. From Office Workers to Brickies’ Labourers; Kids to Grand-Parents; Pro Athletes to ‘Weekend Warriors’ – and every demographic in-between”
In regard to treatment, Mark is well-versed in all areas of the body, but some of his particular ‘Regional’ areas of interest are:

  • The Shoulder (Scapular)
  • The Lateral (outside) Fascial Lines of the body
  • The Neck (Cervical)

Mark grew up in a very Sporty background, and as a self-confessed “Football (Soccer) Tragic”, has a strong desire to ‘give-back’ to the round-ball game by assisting Newcastle teams…

“Having played 1st Grade Football in both the NBN State League & NEWFM 1st Division for the last 10+years, I have a special interest & understanding of the conditioning of local players.”

A highly-experienced Therapist, over the years he also has been fortunate enough to work with some of Australia’s best athletes – both in individual, and team sports.

These have included:

  • The ARU Wallabies
  • Newcastle United Jets
  • Newcastle Knights
  • Brisbane Broncos
  • N.Queensland Fury F.C.
  • Various Australian Olympic Track & Field Athletes

All this has given him a thorough knowledge of the physical & mental rigors of week-to-week sport for both Amateur & Professional athletes.

Outside of work, Mark has a young family & many interests to keep him busy (“..probably too many interests!”):

A “Photographic/ Graphic Design Nut”!
An avid “Foodie”
A “Wannabe” Acoustic Guitarist, and a love of all Music
….and the list goes on!

David Cossettini
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