My name is Brendan

I graduated from the Kingscliff TAFE Institute with a diploma of remedial massage in 2004. Since then, I have continued to study and research sports massage which has lead me to gain an understanding of various soft tissue techniques used to treat common injures. It is my goal to become an important link in the chain of health care that focuses on injury prevention , healing and rehabilitation.

I am very passionate about helping people overcome chronic pain and work with many walks of life from elite athletes to retired individuals. Being a keen surfer and free ride skier and having traveled the world in pursuit of “the perfect moment” , I understand injuries and have overcome my own physical pain syndromes with these treatments.

All of the techniques I use have a base in science and can be backed by peer reviewed studies. I enjoy working on more challenging cases and am happy to work within a multi discipline approach. I have personal training qualifications which help to guide people into rehabilitation, injury prevention, and improved performance.

Some of the main techniques I incorporate into my treatment plan are:

  • Myofascial Dry Neddling (Myotherapy) – “By placing an acupuncture needle into a tight band of muscle tissue
    (Triggerpoint) relaxation and release of the tight painful tissue can occur. This form of treatment is different from traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy that works along the body’s meridians (to improve energy flow/Chi). Myotherapy focuses fundamentally on the release of anatomical trigger points. “
  • Remedial massage (various styles to suit individuals needs)
  • Trigger point therapy (sustained finger pressure on tight band of muscle tissue)
  • Myofascial Release
  • Assisted stretching ( P.N.F.)
  • Electro therapeutic modalities ( used in conjunction with myotherapy)

I am free to discuss any questions you may have and can be contacted via the clinic.

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